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Why do bands needing musicians like using our site? Connecting Musicians to Working Bands Since 1969 Sterling Howard, founder/owner, 818-888-7879 Musicians & industry personnel receiving this newsletter: 47,603


Need a band member? Hit to enter a free ad, view profiles of available players, and contact them directly.

Need a gig? To list yourself as a musician or singer so working bands can contact you, click


There are several reasons why bands seeking members like using our site. Long before the Internet, bands walked into our office and looked through giant notebooks full of resumes of available musicians and singers. Amazingly, the same reasons still apply today online.

All bands fill out a free ad form containing detailed info, listing all requirements for the players they are seeking. This info is located on the same place on every ad, keeping them easy to find, and eliminating back and forth calls or emails to clarify questions.

For a variety of reasons, bands can choose to keep their ad hidden from view if desired. Maybe they just want to browse available players and contact the people they wish, without being contacted themselves.

Since our available musicians pay a flat fee to be registered, they tend to be more serious. I know, paying does not make them better players, but it does make them more serious. The proof is that we never get complaints from band leaders or employers about the quality of our musicians.

When a band is reading the profiles of available musicians, all answers to all questions are on the same place on every page. So if they need a drummer who sings lead, the answer is easy to find on each profile. Anyway, that's the way it's been for years and it still seems to work!



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