About five years ago we sent out a newsletter mentioning the invention of Yondr and we predicted that it would become increasingly more popular in the near future.  But has it?
Jack White of the White Stripes, Alicia Keys, Guns N Roses, the Lumineers, Dave Chappelle and others are using Yondr at their concerts.  Are you hip to Yondr?

Yondr is a little pouch that your cell phone slips into and locks, so you can’t use it until it is unlocked, but you still have it in your possession, and if it rings you can feel it vibrate.  A person at the concert hall door locks your phone in this pouch as you enter.  If you need to make a call you must exit and go to a designated place where your phone is unlocked in one second.  And when leaving the show you just tap the pouch onto an unlocking device to release your phone.

In the 70’s some people would enter concerts with little tape recorders to make bootleg recordings.  Some of today’s acts are getting tired of people recording them and taking photos and then sharing all the action on their social media.  Fans post to Youtube even before the show is over!  Are they even paying attention to the music half the time?  All the performer sees when gazing into the audience is a sea of phones and screens and devices.  And if you are a fan in the audience trying to watch the show, isn’t this also a bit distracting?

I can sympathize with these artists.  If I was on that stage, I think I’d want my fans who paid their money to SEE me, and experience ME and my music and show.  If they thought I gave a great performance, they will tell their friends and maybe their friends would come to my next show.  I don’t think showing them a bunch of blurry images and hearing crappy sound would do any good for advancing my career.  And I might even feel somewhat ripped off.  Some people may say their personal freedom is being taken away for two hours but there has always been two sides to every coin.

Has Yondr gotten more popular in the six years after it was first implemented?  Wouldn’t it be cool if Yondr could be applied to live bands in clubs?  Turn off the sports screens during band performance and eliminate phone usage, so the BAND will become the main attraction?  Am I dreaming?

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