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We sometimes receive inquiries asking where our job listings come from, and details on how they are posted on our website. I've made a note of some questions and scribbled out this email to answer the most frequently asked items on this subject.


Band leaders and employers seeking musicians go to our website and click "Locate Musicians" to fill out an ad. About 70% of our ads come from bands who have used us previously, from a few months back to as long as 15 years. It's always helpful to us when we recognize the job from past experience.

The other 30% of incoming ads come from first time users who have seen an online ad or have been told about us from a friend. Other ads arrive from a manager, agent, or band leader that we have called or emailed, to remind them of our free service to find players. Even after 45 years, there are still plenty of people who are not familiar with our function. Sorry, but we're not as popular as Coke or McDonalds's!


We read every single ad that is submitted, correcting obvious mistakes, web links that don't work, etc. Often the person does not supply enough info to post the ad, so we urge them to fill in more details.

Determining which ads get posted and which do not has always been our judgment call. Our general rule is that any working band, full time, part time, or just occasionally, always gets posted. As long as the group is performing, close to performing, or recently performing, the ad will be posted for our members to view. The same conditions apply equally to cover bands and original groups.

About 15% of band leaders HIDE their ads from view, so available musicians cannot contact them. Maybe they have a really good gig and don't want a landslide of calls and emails to deal with. Maybe they just want to be able to contact who they wish without being seen. Other band leaders do just the opposite - they fill in their ad completely and submit it, but never use their ability to search and contact players. Instead, they sit back and wait for replies to arrive from individual musicians who see their ad. Most bands, however, do both, meaning they leave their ad visible to be contacted AND view profiles of available players.

Ads on our website automatically run for 30 days, but the band can cancel, edit, or extend their ad anytime. Many times we edit the ad ourselves. For instance, if an ad states they need a drummer for a sub gig in 5 days, we edit the ad to run only 5 days, so it doesn't sit there visible for 30!

As you can see, we definitely run our business "hands on". Any questions, call or email, I am most always near my phone and computer.

Thanks, Sterling Howard, owner/founder 818-888-7879



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