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The purpose of Musicians Contact since 1969 The Source For Jobs Sterling Howard, Owner/Founder 818-888-7879



After running this business for 44 years, I continually get inquiries by phone and email as to exactly WHAT function Musicians Contact performs. Very simply, all we've done for all these years is to provide a referral service between individual musicians and the working bands who need them.

If you're looking for a player, click "Post a Free Ad - Locate Musicians" on our site and you can browse thru lots of serious musicians that have all filled out the same detailed profile, and contact your choices directly. This part of our service has been free to bands and employers since our birth way back in 1969.

So how do we make our money? The individual musicians registered with us pay a flat fee to login and check their job listings. We verify the accuracy of incoming gigs before we post them, and we're familiar with a lot of the bands because many have posted with us previously. Membership details can be found under "Find Work" on our website.

Even though we don't book, manage, or promote talent ourselves, if you have a complete act together, we offer a free directory to agents and managers of available bands for hire. It's a large list of bands categorized by state. To view it, go to our site and hit "Resources", then "Select a Category", then "Bands for Hire". To add your band, click the link on that page. All we request is a link from your band web site back to our site.

Ok, I've explained it as best I can. Hope it made sense! Any questions, just call or email.



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