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We've always noticed that near the beginning of the new year, many band leaders and employers "clean house" and replace some musicians. If this applies to you, click and then hit "Post a Free Ad, Locate Musicians" to browse lots of serious available players. Every musician has filled out our detailed profile and you can contact whoever you wish directly. You may already know this, but some people are new to our free service for bands, while other old timers may have forgotten!

If you have a complete act together, we also offer a free directory to agents and managers of available bands for hire. It's a large list of bands with web links, categorized by state. To view it, go to our homepage, click "Resources", then "Select a Category", then "Bands for Hire". To add your band, click the link on that page. All we request is a link from your band web site back to our web site.

Call us or email anytime, Happy New Year and keep the music LIVE!



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