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July Newsletter from The Source For Jobs Since 1969 818-888-7879 Sterling Howard, Founder/Owner

Need a player for a gig? Click “I have a job to offer” on our homepage. Need a gig yourself? Click “I’m an Individual seeking work” on our homepage.

Hello! This is our first newsletter in a long time. How many of you remember the newsletters we used to MAIL out over 10 years ago? (If you answered “yes”, it means you're old!). The most popular feature in those days was the information on which famous or might-be-famous groups had recently searched for new players. We will continue to report on these items, (if their managers will let us), but we want this to be YOUR newsletter, complete with YOUR feedback. We need to know what YOU want to read. You now have a voice through this newsletter to reach thousands of other serious players about your musical career, concerns, opinions, and gripes.

We sometimes get e-mails from members wondering why we don’t have a chat room or a place to sell gear, etc. It just seems like there are enough websites that have these features already, but if you would like us to do it, let us know. We assume nobody wants to see advertisements or hypes for music conferences and songwriter competitions, so there won't be any. Instead, how about a column for "Worst Gig Ever", "Best Gig Ever", "Weirdest Audition", etc? Or how about "Drummer Joke of the Month", (probably never submitted by drummers!). Have you had a bad experience with an agent, manager, or band leader? Give us the story so we can run it down and print it in the next newsletter so others can beware.

Basically, we’d like to know your opinions about ANYTHING musical. I urge you to send them to us and we may print it in the next newsletter which is currently sent to about ten thousand musicians and grows daily. Let yourself be heard! E-mail us at

Remember that unlike most all Internet businesses, we have a phone number that is actually answered by a human being. If you call us on a weekday, 95% of the time the phone will be answered live. Since we were a telephone based business for 30 years before going online, talking on the phone comes naturally to us. If you can talk more efficiently than you can type, just pick up the phone and dial 818-888-7879.

A quick word about the job listings on our website: To the musicians listed with us as individuals seeking gigs, I want you to know that when you view these gigs, you are actually seeing only about 75% of them. The other 25% are kept hidden, or invisible, by the band leaders’ or employers’ request. Why do they do this? Usually it’s because if they have a nice job to offer, they are afraid of being bombarded with calls and emails from interested players. Instead, they prefer to get an access code and view the players’ profiles and contact who THEY want without being seen themselves. It’s really no different than in the 70’s and 80’s when an employer would walk in our office and say “I have a job to offer but I don’t want anyone calling me, I just wanna look through your profiles and contact who I want”. The request never changes, only today it’s just a different procedure on the Internet.

People sometimes ask WHEN we post job listings. Hourly? Daily? Weekly? Most jobs are usually posted on the website within a few hours of arriving. We purposely don’t pick a posting time, because everyone would log on at once and overload the poor guy offering the job. We’ve always thought it made more sense to post new items as they arrive, not at a particular time.

Now, a word concerning the frequent questions we get about “freezing time”. Individual players registered with us have the ability to make their account INACTIVE to save their days for later use. Every 24 hours counts as one day, it makes no difference how many times you log on. The only rule is that whenever you START your time, it must run for at least 7 consecutive days before you can make it INACTIVE again. We’ve had this same old rule since way back in the 70’s before computers.

Has there ever been a time when you’ve been at our website, entered your correct access codes, and instead of getting inside, it just flipped back to our homepage? If so, you need to make sure your “cookies” are turned on. If you don’t know what I am referring to, or don’t know how to do this, call your Internet Service Provider and they’ll walk you through the procedure in two minutes. Ninety-nine percent of the time, that’s the needed solution. If you EVER have trouble logging on, please let us know, we need to know about it. And again, if you can talk faster than you can type, like me, just pick up the phone and call 818-888-7879.

Until next time, stay healthy and....... Pray For Gigs!!

Sterling Howard

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