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Musicians Contact celebrates 35th birthday

The Source For Jobs Since 1969 818-888-7879 Sterling Howard, Founder/Owner ***************************************** Need a player for a gig? Click "I have a job to offer" on our homepage. Need a gig yourself? Click "I'm an individual seeking work" on our homepage.

Hello, this is Sterling Howard, and I approve this message!

Who can blow out 35 candles at once without passing out? Lord, it's been 35 years since our business was started in a $75 a month office upstairs in the Whisky-a-Go-Go in Hollywood. It was the golden year of 1969 and in those days there was no Village Voice, Recycler, Music Connection, Guitar Player, Modern Drummer, and of course no Internet. There was virtually no place to find musicians except word-of-mouth or little scribbled ads on music store bulletin boards.

So, we must pat ourselves on the back for inventing what now seems like a totally obvious idea: a referral service for working bands and musicians to find each other. Rather than blabbing on about our illustrious history, go to our homepage and click "Famous Clients" to read some crazy but true stories over the last 35 years.

By the way, this is not a newsletter but we would like to get back to the email newsletters that we sent in the past. With all the current fancy spam filters and blockers of our modern age, getting our newsletter out to you, (now over 30,000), sometimes presents a problem. I know some of you never received them in the past, especially AOL and Hotmail members.

Now we`re giving it another shot with renewed vigor. Our newsletter is really more of a place where we`ll be reporting what YOU think about various musical topics. We want to print YOUR thoughts for others to read. Consider our newsletter a forum to get your ideas heard by many musicians. For instance, how about giving us some input on how to increase live music, what`s right/wrong with live music today, why there are less jobs, is music getting better/worse, how can the pay scale be heightened, etc. PLEASE SEND US your thoughts, solutions, gripes and comments and we`ll print some of them in future newsletters. Submit at: Subject: News

And for the lighter side, reach back into your memory and send us a story on any of the following categories. The best will be printed in our future newsletters for all to read, (and laugh). Here are the 6 categories:

1. Most Unusual Gig: This can be a job featuring you playing with a group, or it can feature your entire group. In any case, it's gotta be....unusual.

2. Worst Gig Ever: This can be your personal worst gig or your band's worst gig.

3. Best Gig Ever: Self explanatory. Go ahead, but keep it honest!

4. Weirdest Audition: Again, this can be an audition you went to by yourself, or your entire band, but it must be....weird.

5. Closest Call To Fame: Most everyone has a story on how they got aced out of fame or fortune.

6. Bad/Best Musician Joke: You`ve heard plenty. Send us your newest or favorite oldie.

The above section will be an ongoing newsletter feature, so if you can't think of anything right now, email us when you remember something good. Submit at: Subject: Worst Gig, Joke, etc.

If you get this email before the election, VOTE! If you get it after, best of luck!

Until next time,

Sterling Howard 818-888-7879

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