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Listed below are brief descriptions of actual jobs recently received. These positions have been filled but they will give you an idea of the variety of situations seeking players. When registered, you will view jobs exclusively for your instrument, containing a full page of information on each one.

Guitarist under 35 needed for long established top 40 band in San Diego, but have traveled all over the world in the past, some originals
Original and cover Americana, play once a week in Atlanta, need bass
Vegas based, heavy on Beatles, part time casino gigs, need singing bassist, little travel
Violinist needed to play between dueling piano players, steady weekends in Phoenix, country and rock
60's to current hits, mostly r&b, guitarist who sings for 4 to 6 gigs a month in Miami
Baritone vocalist needed for recording in Los Angeles, theatrical pop/rock, must replicate the actor's voice, $50 an hour
Pop/funk/r&b, 60's to present, playing clubs and corporate events around Philadelphia, need sax, trumpet, and female vocalist
10 piece r&b/disco/funk/Latin group in southern CA, steady weekend work for last 12 years, play weddings and parties, need permanent guitarist and trumpet
Chicago based band plays Celtic versions of Pink Floyd tunes, prepping for regional tour, need drummer and violin
Steadily booked southern CA cover band seeks new female singer, play casinos in CA and NV 2 to 6 nights a week
Sub bassist needed for original rock band out of LA, one month tour paying $600 week, 20% covers
Lead singing drummer demanded for steady weekend clubs in Orange County, classic rock trio
Soul/funk band plays 2 to 4 gigs a month around San Francisco, need female singer, together 10 years
House gig now in Palm Springs, need drummer who sings, pop/rock/country
Very established Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks tribute needs singing guitarist, concert shows, local & travel, booked out of southern CA
Upcoming cruise ship gig, want keyboardist who reads, jazz, Latin, soul covers, leaving from LA
Drummer wanted for Doors tribute, established 17 years in LA, local shows pay $150, traveling shows pay $250
Original progressive hard rock, drummer wanted, based in Memphis, have opened for national acts, touring soon
Tampa based AC/DC tribute needs new singer, festivals and events for past 10 years
All male acappella pop/rock group in search of 5th vocalist, Atlanta based, ready to continue shows
Sax player wanted for Toronto based r&b, classic rock, read and solo, clubs, dances, car shows
Rock/pop/jazz, 6 pieces, guitarist who sings wanted for popular cover group in NY, booked part time all year
George wanted for Beatles theater touring show, played 150 dates last year
Authentic high energy 50's rock, wear suits, need sax, bass and drums, local shows In Tampa now but will be traveling soon
Need keys and bass for casino gigs around Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, 60's to 90's funk
Blues/rock/swing group based in Charlotte needs new bassist, working last 12 years part time
Jazz in all styles, need drummer who reads and can play to click for local gigs around Los Angeles, half originals
Large production Pink tribute searching for soprano and alto female backup singers, based in NY but will be traveling
Los Angeles based engineer/keyboardists wanted with Protools for recording several artists, r&b, blues and jazz
Trumpet and trombone players wanted for ongoing job in Macau, China, near Hong Kong, mostly funk/r&b
Original Latin rock band in southern CA seeks new drummer, established 20 years, local and traveling shows
Female vocalist wanted for Las Vegas act, lots of 80's material, full time work, no travel, $30,000 a year
Long established Rolling Stones tribute needs Keith, full time traveling, mostly in the southern states
Hendrix tribute needs fill-in drummer for upcoming gigs in Chicago and Wisconsin, $200 each
Cincinnati based variety group works part time, seeks keyboardist and female singer
Classic rock/country bassist and female vocalist wanted for cruise ship, based In Dallas but leaving from Florida, $725 weekly
25 piece jazz/swing orchestra based in New Jersey needs keyboardist, concerts and fundraisers, established 12 years
All female classic rock group needs bass player, play clubs and parties around Los Angeles for last 11 years, must sing lead
Southern California agent seeks female singer for old school r&b, Latin, top 40, clubs and casinos 4 to 5 nights a week
Singing keyboardist wanted for variety gig in Catskill Mountains
Top 40 rock group playing in Bahrain 5 star hotel needs immediate lead vocalist replacement, 6 nights a week for next 3 months
Oregon based r&b/jazz band seeking several new players for upcoming festivals and casinos
Guitarist under 45 needed for Vegas based country/rock, all covers, steady gigs, mostly local, short travel
Stones tribute based in San Francisco, need drummer, together 12 years, play 3-5 jobs a month
Bassist wanted for r&b/funk/classic rock, share vocal duties, full time casino work around Reno for last 4 years, equal share $
Drums, bass & additional sax & horn players, Fort Lauderdale based orchestra, must read, classical, big band, swing, jazz, events & concerts, some paid, some volunteer
Trumpet player wanted for restaurants in Orange County, 5 piece band, mostly r&b/dance/jazz
Christian church in Fort Smith seeking minister of music, gospel & contemporary, $300 a week
Ten piece wedding band based in NY searching for new drummer, all styles
Fiddle wanted for Minneapolis based country & blues with 20% original, travel in midwest
Original American roots rock, country, folk, need rhythm guitar, clubs & showcases in southern CA, all paid, 3-4 a week, 6 CDs out
Need vocalist ala Temptations & 4 Tops for weekend work around NY & NJ
Organist needed for Fort Worth church, contemporary gospel, $200-300 per week
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