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Listed below are brief descriptions of actual jobs recently received. These positions have been filled but they will give you an idea of the variety of situations seeking players. When registered, you will view jobs exclusively for your instrument, containing a full page of information on each one.

Late 60s heavy metal band with several albums, reforming, need keyboards to complete
Polka/waltz/variety orchestra needs bass & guitarist, must sing & read, gigs around NY & PA
Classic rock, r&b hits, need female singer for local clubs in LA, playing part time for 25 years
San Francisco based Beatles tribute in music, not dress, needs bass for sub gigs
Irish Celtic group from Ireland tours US once a year, need sax, guitar & keyboards for several cities, must read well
All female r&b funk group searching for new vocalist, local gigs in LA + travel, have played in Asia as well
Playing full time casinos & clubs in Reno & Las Vegas, variety of covers, seek new front vocalist
Bob Marley reggae tribute seeking sub players for events & clubs in southern CA
Original jazz fusion with some covers, need vocalist, clubs & fests around NYC, have opened for majors
90's dance/party based in Chicago, play 120+ shows a year in Midwest, need guitarist
Eagles & Chicago tribute desires high voiced instrumentalist for casinos & fairs in southern CA, some travel
Energetic Denver band booked every weekend searching for new vocalist, wide variety of copy material
Keyboardist needed for New Orleans wedding & casuals band, steady part time, average 20K per year
Ragtime/blues/swing band playing around San Francisco, need horn players, few gigs a month
Under 32 guitarist wanted for original hard rock/metal with female front, have management, local & touring, based in LA
Doors tribute, established 19 years, local shows in southern CA but also out of town, $150-250 per gig, need keys
Bass & guitar wanted, NV/AZ based but play several western states, classic rock to current, full time
Covers of all eras in all genres, southern FL based, being gigging part time for 25 years, seek lead singer
High energy wedding group, wear matching outfits, regional travel around North Carolina, seek guitarist and sax
Female vocalist wanted, jazz, soul. pop, 3 months job in Beijing hotel starts asap
Singing guitarist needed for variety group just off 2 year east coast tour of clubs & military bases, now based in New Jersey
El Paso based ska, cumbia, reggae swing band needs horns & percussionist, gigs are booked, local & short travel
Country artist based in Dallas needs new drummer & bassist for work, played recently in Spain
Blues based band in central CA searching for keyboards, mostly originals, play jobs all over CA
Keyboards needed for LA dance band, very steady weekend events & opening slots, great pay
1940's style jump blues show, play ballrooms & events around PA, need sax
LA based Johnny Cash tribute seeks drummer, various gigs, need permanent member
Guitarist, violin & vocalist wanted for Wisconsin based Americana, honky tonk, swing, playing festivals & art centers for 18 years
San Diego variety group, high end clubs & privates booked thru agent, seek drummer
Vegas based variety show, need bassist for events & casinos, must travel, average 25K a year
R&B/dance cover band in Colorado, 9 pieces, working now, booked ahead, need drummer
Americana/blues/country with 25% originals, play 8 to 12 gigs a month in Austin, seek guitarist & drummer
Jazz/swing/ragtime/jug band, need horn players for jobs around Atlanta
Trombonist needed for North Carolina group, private parties & festivals, beach, soul, Motown
Violinist needed for holiday tour, original new age music, many albums released
Short tour to England, Scotland & Wales, seek guitar, bass & drums to back original male rapper/singer
Guitarist & bass wanted for parties, clubs, weddings, based in Pennsylvania but travel a lot, wide variety of covers
Austin based trio plays blues/rock, half original, most gigs on road, need keyboard and/or bassist
Singing drummer needed for country, rock, blues covers, play casinos & bike rallys from Memphis to Nashville
Original pop/pop backing female singer, need drummer to record about 10 songs, based in Los Angeles
Eight piece Louis Prima tribute seeking permanent bassist, must read, based in LA but will be traveling
Rolling Stones tribute seeking Keith, established 15 years, travel mostly southern US full time
Country hits band seeks keyboards, based in Orange County, many local gigs, can be sub or permanent
Guitarist wanted for country group established 38 years, must sing, half originals, western, swing, zydeco, travel in western states
Kansas City based blues/rock/funk, play 3-4 gigs a week in surrounding states, need keyboards & sax
Bass needed for Charlotte band, outlaw country & blues/rock, 5 albums, play about 10 shows a month
Original funk/rock/soul with violin, Atlanta based, average 5 shows a month, equal split, need vocalist who doubles
Alternative Americana rock, all original, recently opened for Blues Traveler, 3 to 4 gigs a month, need keys, based in New Jersey
10 piece horn band needs new male singer, play every weekend around southern CA for many years, r&b, Latin, disco, funk
Variety duo adding keyboardist for 3 months job at hotel in Guam, $2600 per month
Electric jazz standards, play part time restaurants around Connecticut, need saxophone
Joe Cocker tribute seeking female backup vocals, play fairs, festivals & clubs in Florida
Female vocalist wanted for Switzerland based pop/rock band ala early Beatles, half original, touring hotels in Europe
Zeppelin tribute based in Minneapolis seeks new drummer, play clubs, casinos, festivals
Original traditional heavy metal, New Jersey based, local shows now but have played in Europe, need bassist
Recording many tunes, 80's style British electronic pop, need singer near Cleveland
Punk/garage/alternative band searching for drummer, together 20 years, many national tours, equal pay
Seattle based high energy classic rock with horns, need guitarist for casinos & clubs, must sing
Reggae/rock, mostly original, local & traveling shows, some pay, based in Huntington Beach, seek bass & drums
R&B/soul/pop, all original, new single out, paid shows around PA, little travel, need keyboards
Drummer wanted for 9 piece r&b/rock cover group based in Atlanta, playing private parties & events for last 20 years
Seeking guitarist or keyboardist for cruise ship to Caribbean out of Cape Canaveral, variety, band has done many cruises, need asap
Christian rock covers, based in central CA, fairs, fests, churches, some pay, some don't, need bass & guitar
Searching for drummer for original hard alternative synth rock, must play to click, have toured many times on east coast
Guitarist & keyboardist needed for backing Glen Campbell tribute, fairs & community events around Dallas
Country/rock covers, need singing guitarist For Las Vegas casino band, average 3-4 nights a week
Houston based variety horn group seeking new front singer, mostly local gigs for last 14 years
Covers ala Chicago & other horn rock, seek keyboardist for theaters & supper clubs in New Jersey
Jazz/blues/swing, need trumpet & sax for gigs in southern FL
Singing bassist wanted for country/rock band in San Diego, playing 12-15 jobs per month
House band in New Orleans seeks new vocalist, 70's rock on up
Trumpet needed for pop/rock band in Ohio, play clubs & events for many years, booked into 2018
Denver based variety group seeks new singer, play about 100 private and corporation gigs per year
LA based Led Zep tribute searching for guitarist, have played shows worldwide
Irish folk & acoustic rock band works from Chicago to Milwaukee, average 8 jobs a month, need bass or guitar
One week gig in Asia for r&b/soul singer, mid July, will fly from LA
Old school funk to top 40, LA based group needs permanent trumpet, steady part time gigs
Vegas based, heavy on Beatles, part time casino gigs, need singing bassist, little travel
60's to current hits, mostly r&b, guitarist who sings for 4 to 6 gigs a month in Miami
Pop/funk/r&b, 60's to present, playing clubs and corporate events around Philadelphia, need sax, trumpet, and female vocalist
Steadily booked southern CA cover band seeks new female singer, play casinos in CA and NV 2 to 6 nights a week
Lead singing drummer demanded for steady weekend clubs in Orange County, classic rock trio
Soul/funk band plays 2 to 4 gigs a month around San Francisco, need female singer, together 10 years
Original progressive hard rock, drummer wanted, based in Memphis, have opened for national acts, touring soon
Rock/pop/jazz, 6 pieces, guitarist who sings wanted for popular cover group in NY, booked part time all year
Need keys and bass for casino gigs around Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, 60's to 90's funk
Blues/rock/swing group based in Charlotte needs new bassist, working last 12 years part time
Jazz in all styles, need drummer who reads and can play to click for local gigs around Los Angeles, half originals
Original Latin rock band in southern CA seeks new drummer, established 20 years, local and traveling shows
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