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We are proud of our 74% repeat customer rate. Many musicians have registered numerous times over the years. Here's what some former and current members say:

"I consider MC to be THE go-to resource for finding musicians and gigs. I've been successfully using MC for many years. Sterling has always been friendly, knowledgeable, and super helpful. The first time I used MC, I landed a 4-month touring bass gig. MC is the real deal... "
--- Mick Stover
"I am ver happy to tell you about MCS. Ii have known Sterling for 20 years. Through the years I have gotten the best work as a singer and met most of my life long contacts. I worked on the Ship Queen Mary for 3 years the best gig ever! I have gotten studio work and concert gigs. I recommend this service highly. It's hand picked to make our jobs as musicians easier. Sterling has the best of the best musicians and continues to this day to get us the best gigs all around the world for singers and bands and individual musicians. So good luck all!! Hope 2017 finds us all a lot of work and good fortune."
--- Priscilla
"Have used musicians contact in the past many years ago... and am back! The business is more challenging than ever and its still a wonderful trustworthy vehicle for connecting artists with jobs! :) And Howard seems like a super guy! Thanks Howard for helping the industry as you do! "
--- Diane DeNoble
"Musicians Contact? Better than a free dinner for the neighborhood gypsies!"
--- Pete Reilich
"I have been using this service for more than 20 years and I have met so many good quality contacts from all over the world!Thanks to Sterling and his services!"
--- Rico Bowen
"Where to MCS has provided me with leads for live gigs dating back over thirty years, to when we had a burgeoning nightclub scene in SoCal and I made my living solely off of playing full time. And though I've since diversified into other areas (studio musician / film scoring / arranging / orchestrating / producing / teaching, etc), I still value my membership at MCS for leads. Thank you, Sterling!!"
--- Byron Fry
"moved back to Vegas about a year ago with tons of experience and zero connections. Craigs List is a joke here, so i went with Musicians Contact. Not a ton of choices for what I was looking for, but in less than 30 days I found and got a fulltime traveling gig. is worth every cent, and Sterling is a great chat.Especially as I was based out of N. Hollywood in the'70's."
--- Dizzy
"As a 20 year old singing bass player who had just arrived in LA in 1980, I was referred to MC in the days when you'd walk in their office and, after Sterling made sure you were paid up, flip through "the book" looking for work situations. Musicians Contact has been good to me over the years. Even though my calendar is basically full, I still keep my membership active for those last minute sub calls, and for old time sake. "
--- Chris Farmer
"Years ago I spent a lot of worthless searches and days of unproductive auditioning through other places but then I stumbled on to Musicians Contact service... That was about 1983. I used Musician Contact service to find the musicians I needed for my touring band that backed up The Coasters, Bobby Day, Little Dion and many more. This is 2015. Once again I need musicians and found an ad for Musician Contact service hiding among the others in a Craigslist listing in Mobile AL. What do you know but one day after placing a listing with them I am getting good response from good musicians. There are a lot of time waisting ways to form a band. Hands down, Musician Contact Service is best thing I have found anywhere (other than maybe stealing members from another band :-) Thank you Sterling for providing a great place to make my life easier. "
--- Danny Taddei
"I've been using "Musicians Contact" for well over a year now and it has been a great tool for me in getting connected and getting gigs. Thank you, Musicians Contact!!"
--- Mike
"MC allowed me to find my dream job, traveling the world with a band playing on cruise ships. See the world, do what I love every night, gain friends from all countries... love it. Thanks M.C.!!!"
--- Nancy Soule'
"I have used MCS now for nearly 35 years and relied upon this service for the best in working contacts. So simple of a system yet so effective. now I produce and perform in 3 major national theater tribute shows headlining for 4 major cruise ship showrooms as well as working at Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo. I will continue to rely on MCS for the best, most honest and accurate professional contacts in the business ! "
--- Glenn A Henry
"I used this site in 2012 and went on a year long tour 2013 with an Artist from Austin while I was living in Oklahoma. This changed my life and opened the door for everything since. This site is!!"
--- Demetrius Williams II
"DO NOT take this site lightly ! On just one gig because of Sterling and Musicians Contact, I played on a 4 month cruise around the world with a singer and rode a camel, walked into the Pyramids, walk the streets of Tahiti, saw a volcano ( we left immediately ), bought silk shirts and ties in Thailand for $5, bought a wallet in Italy, Went up the Suez Canal, went to Pitcairn Island ( yep, that one - "Mutiny On The Bounty" and THE relatives of the crew of the Bounty), went through the Panama Canal and on and on. - and got paid for it !!! Thank you Sterling ! "
--- Duane Hitchings
"Rejoined five months ago after a long hiatus. I used MCS extensively for seeking and acquiring work for over 20 years while living in California. Recently, I found myself without a home due to the recent housing debacle and had just signed up with MCS. Within 3 days, I received a call from a band leader who, like myself, was residing in Portland OR and was in search of a bass player replacement. The gig was a 4 month contract on a Princess cruise ship. He told me that he called as soon as he had finished reading my resume. We had a very successful contract and have since become friends. In addition, he produces his own solo albums of original and cover jazz tunes. He has asked me to be the bass player for his current recording project. Thanks to MCS and some good fortuitous timing, I not only had a gig but room and board as well. "
--- Brian Lowe
"Great service, I found an outstanding drummer for my group, and am now posting for an in the pocket blues bass player. Thankyou for your great web site."
--- Larry Steffler
"This is the consummate site for acquiring connection and gigs in music... Sterling is incredibly helpful and available; plus, he usually answers the phone and if not, he gets back promptly.... reasonable rates too. Thanks, MCS! "
--- Randy Reeman
"Thanks very much MCS! You have introduced me to some great bands and musicians! MCS has been very good to me. Much better than most Musician Unions. Sterling, You Da Man!"
--- Larry
"I have been with MCS for most of my career. You have brought in touch with so many talented artists. You really care and I'm happy that you are there."
--- Giancarlo
"I have travel to Hong Kong, Singapore, Alaska, Central America, 39 states in the USA, many cruise ship position and many more all due to work on Musicians I have been with this company for over 26 years since the Hollywood CA location. Thanks Sterling from Carlos"
--- Carlos Manuel
" A Thank You from Nightfall to the Staff at Musicians Contact.Com for your Service & Dedication to providing Quality Applicants in the Miami,FL. area, as we are always in Search Mode for New Talent ! - Yours Truly,Dan "
--- Nightfall
"Back in 1996 I signed up and landed a job with an artist. That one gig/band lasted nearly 14 years, and the past 3 years we were the house band at Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar and Grill" 5 nights per week in Vegas. With that band we played as a backing unit for several county as well as headliner rock artists. Thanks for the great gig Sterling and please keep up the great work!"
--- Jim
""I've been singing and playing for over 35 years. And for the last 22 years, Musicians Contact Service has been a viable resource for gigs, additional contacts, and connections! Sterling, keep doing what you're doing man! You're making dreams come true.""
--- De Thomas
"The last drummer in our band came from Musicans Contact, and his abilities and personality fit our group perfectly. Thanks so much for providing such a valuable service to the music community."
"Musicians Contact put me in touch with a band in Orange County in 2003 and we have been playing together ever since. We play clubs, parties, weddings and have made good weekend income. While we have had ups and downs, it has been a lot of fun and I owe it all to Musicians Contact. For my money, it's better than eHarmony! Thanks Sterling."
--- Jerry
"Sterling, your Musicians Contact service is one of the most valuable networking tools on the modern market for freelance musicians. Every single year that I’ve worked with you, the money that I’ve paid to be a part of musicians contact has ALWAYS come back 100x over. And I literally mean 100x. No stock market or real estate investment can ever touch that!! Your website and database presents job security to any worthy musician who has seriously pursued and perfected his craft. And on top of that it’s afforded many like myself, the priceless experience traveling and touring the world doing what I love. For those of us who are true professional musicians, your website allows us to continue to live out our passion as full-time artist and performers. I can not thank you enough for your faithfulness to us musicians and to your business. "
--- Jonathan Kuehling
" Hey you guys are great! I've been meeting lots of musicians and I haven't even left my computer - I was Counting Crows' longtime bassist, (14 years) and you provide a great service to musicians who are looking to network and meet other musicians - keep up the great work!!"
--- Matt Malley
"As a new start to a new year I started with musicians contact, and recieved 2 auditions the same day I got my access. they provide just what they say, Living in a vrey remote area as I do this is a very valuble and time saveing service, putting like minded musicians together. Also I had a problem and Sterling called me himself that day about it. Rick G"
--- Rick Gervais
"I joined MC just about 2 1/2 weeks ago as a percussionist and already have a gig (Aug.16) with a very well known R & B/jazz artist and there are more gigs to come. Thank you Musicians Contact. com "
--- Dr.Roberto(Dr.Ritmo) Casas
"Musicians Contact is an excellent place for us to find professional musicians. We are always looking for quality talent and this is one of the first places we look. Thank you for running a top-notch site and business! "
--- Landau Music, Inc.
"The day i joined Musicians Contact i found someone !!! You rock Sterling. I will use this service again if needed and have told all my friends and bands looking for pro musicians to use this service. THANK YOU !!!! Charlie Death --- Gorman Prophecy "
--- Charlie Death
"Muchas gracias por su ayuda. Thank you."
--- Souled Out Entertainment
"I accepted a gig from your Website!! This is the 2nd gig I have landed through in a short period of time. Maybe it's not some kind of record, but getting two acceptances makes your company seem like a good deal to me! "
--- jay barry
"I created my account on a tuesday and had a great paying gig on Wed. I'm sold."
--- Leland Isley
"Muscian's Contact has what all other "musician post" websites lack! One on One human! customer service! I am very impressed! THANKS Sterling!"
--- Tisha Whitmire
"I've had very good luck with the MCS service, I'm a part-time professional guitarist and have had many good experiences with quality bands and players that I have hooked up with. "
--- Pat Hurley
"Had several immediate responses. The very first contact(lead guitar) turned out to be an excellent fit. We have already completed our first successful gig. Other contacts are on my list to contact if future needs arise. Thanks for the service."
"Great service! My band was quickly filled with very capable members with this service. I'd say a better crop of musicians here! Thank you guys!"
"Musicians Contact is a great organization! I have found a great gig through the agency with a well known and established band and have been around the world and back twice now! Thank you M.C. for being around and available for motivated and hardworking musicians. Devin"
--- Devin Lebsack
" thank's sterling for all the years, still having some ruff spots, but thank's to you guys i manage to keep working.."
--- patt hatt
"I have been a member of Musicians's Contact.Com off and on for 3 yrs and It has been a consistent and reliable source of employment by class acts and employers...definately worht the membership fee.... Sterling runs a great sertvice!!!"
--- Garry Lavender
"Just wanted to give a big thankyou for calling me on my cell phone,about not logging on.i,m not that computer savey and on top of that i lost my pass word.Because you took time to call me,i,m back on line looking for work.Bill KOEHLER.....Billy K."
--- Bill Koehler
"Sterling you are the best..I needed musicians for my band/got the best within day/got tours and potential gigs, ran into old friend/musicians bands, made new friends. thanks you're the best!!!!"
--- Ms Kathleen Earhart
"Sterling and the staff at Musicians Contact have made it possible for me to fulfill my dreams and accomplish some of my long term goals as a musician. The Musicians Contact Service is by far "The Best" on the internet!Keep up the good work! JW"
--- Johnny Wilson
"Sterling runs a first rate operation here. I have met many musicians/Producers etc. that have become long term working relationships! Keep this place rocking!"
--- Scott Doyle
"Musicians contact is a wonderful site. You need more advertising. I truley believe that if more people knew about the site it would definitly be used."
--- Nathan Harasim
"Finding steady work as a musician can be very difficult. After hearing about, I signed up and created my musical profile. The very same day I received calls for auditions as well as made calls to acts looking for drummers. I auditioned the day after signing up and was hired into a full-time working band. You can imagine my excitement. Also, being able to deactivate my account and use the remaining days at a later time is a great benefit. The service has already paid for itself, but if I need or want to find more work, I just reactive my profile and wait for the calls and/or make calls of my own to the many acts looking for musicians. Thank you! "
--- A drummer
"I have been thrilled with Musicians contact on the whole, in terms of qualified musicians for my project, as well as the speed and professonalism with which these gifted artists have come to me. Within a day of placing my ad, I received three responses for bass players, and within three hours of placing my ad for a drummer I received two responses! There are other sites and organizations you have to pay a lot to and you never receive the quality and depth of musicians to choose from, that are actually a fit for what you do, much less receiving the quality, speed and volume of candidates as I did. I am completely sold on Sterling and musicians and I would recommend them to anyone trying to place members for their band, or for getting into the right musical situaiton. "
--- Jon Dowling
"Excellent results so far. your service has helped me put together most of a road band for Roy Rivers, in a little over one week and emerging country artist. I couldn't be happier!!"
--- Chris Russo
"to sterling & staff, man, I have just landed the deal of my career with an INTERNATIONAL RECORDING ARTIST out of ONTARIO, CANADA who is about to be signed with SONY RECORDS !! I have been on your site for only about 3 months and never thought this would happen so quickly! your site truly works as you say, if you are picky like myself in who you want to get with, you just have to be PATIENT I can't thank you enough and will for ever remember you. when we tour the us I will look you up so I can personally meet you. I love the music these guys are doing and attitudes along with their personalities!! we have been communicating by email for a couple of weeks then by phone this last week and we both saw each others ad on your site! we worked out deal including expenses and me relocating to CANADA. talked it over with the wife, for whom has always supported me no matter what, well THANKS TO YOU I NOW HAVE A PERMENANT HOME with a GREAT BAND and no longer have to be a hired GUN on the market! you are THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS and THANKS A MILLION!! GARY"stickman"WILLIAMS"
--- gary a williams
"Thanks Sterling. Whether I am booking events for my band or singing background or lead for someone else, MCS keeps me busy. This year, I sang at the Playboy Mansion with John Ferrari & Friends, was hired as road manager for a Motown 60's act, performed with an 80's band, made many connections with international booking agents that have been requestinig packages and found some really good musicians. I recommend you ti everyone. Thanks a million!!!!"
--- Kenyatta Mackey
"We found the guitar player we've been dreaming of for 20 years thru MCS-- thank you!!"
--- American Made
"Sterling has managed to keep me working full time the length of my career, with virtually NO dwn time. Thanks-PP"
--- Paul Purtle
"Thanks to Musicians Contact, I hooked up with a band and we have recorded our first CD. Our CD release party is August 1st. Thanks for the great service!"
--- Dan Thompson
"Sterling, once again you fill in the blanks! How many years has it been, 9 or so? Quick, easy, & pleasant. What would I expect?! By the way, the website is simple as well, a huge plus. "
--- Michael Paul Morgan
"I have only been a member for a few months, and I am so impressed on how personal this company is. There is a acctual person watching the sight and they are there to answer and help an anyway they can. For the price I pay to be a member on this sight amazes me, because you are getting to meet people around the world, and get the people you need to meet and the work you want for such a cheap price, this service would normaly cost you thousands in airline tickets, phone calls, or management doing the calls. and it is all wrapped up all in this site/Company. My manager has also fallin in love with this service. Thank you for having this service availible to us musicians. Musicians Contact KEEP ROCKIN! And you will always have my support."
--- Ricky B
"I would like to thank Musicians Contact for providing a great service for players everywhere. Through your service I connected with a terrific working band. They provided the location and work I was looking for and I provided them with the expertise to fill the spot they needed in their lineup. Within days I was crossing the desert in my covered wagon to join them. Been here for almost a year and looking forward to another. Thanks again, MCS."
--- GM Cotten
"Sterling has had the best place to find pro players for decades. Not only have I used them since I found them (about 10 years ago), but a freind of mine from Joe Hosutons band was there the day they began, in the 70's! This has been around for a long time and always a success!"
--- Jill Sharpe
"Musicians contact, thank you very much in the assistance in finding members for the group.This was quick, easy And painless.Thanks agian. Second Story View"
--- 2.S.V
"As the leader of the band, every job is harder than the next. There is no help organizing musicians to learn their parts, come on time to rehersal, dress properly for gigs, find gigs etc, etc etc, on & on. However as we all know as hard as it is to work and get paid in this industry, when opportunity knocks and you have to shuffle to get 4 - ? musicians to commit on a given day Musicians Contact is the only game in town to fill this void. Without MUSICIANS CONTACT SERVICE most acts would be de-funked before they started "
--- Jukebox Heroes
"Hey Sterling! Keep up the great work! This is a fantastic service and very, very, helpful to anyone who is looking to get those first paying gigs and those of us who have been. I can find any player(s) i need through here. I started out as a musician looking for gigs on here,now i am offering gigs!!! Always a pleasure Sterling! Jon "
--- Jon B
--- LOU
""you got a fan club with us""
--- celebrazione italia
"For over 10 years I have been using your service and have nothing but good things to say. The quick and friendly responses, the high quality musicians I found along the way. It has been a tremendous experience and I think a blessing for every musician to know that there is a central point where we can find each other and/or get work related advice, including professional management. Thank you so much for all the help and keep up the good work! Bram van Steenbergen MID LIFE CRISIS Huntington Beach"
--- Bram van Steenbergen
"This site is great! I've gotten lots of contacts and a few gigs and even a recording session from it. Thanks! jh"
--- Jeff Hennefeld
"Thanks to Musician's Contact, I got hooked up with a gig that pays very well and sends me around the world. It all happened within a week of signing up. Then a real person from Musician's Contact called me up on the phone just to say thanks and ask if I had got a job yet. This is a real service with real people, not just a money scheme web site. I strongly recomend this service to any musician seeking work!"
--- Michael Baker
"I've been with this service on and off for 9 years.Been to Japan and back and several other places. Thanks Rock!!!"
--- Steve
"If you are looking for work. Invest the money to join, it is another pot on the stove of opportunity and keeps hope alive. I have been a member for 20 years and have joined different working groups through the service."
--- Cesar
"Through MCS, I've made connections that have led to steady weekly work for the last 4-5 years. That's 2-3 a week on average because of MCS. I only hope that Sterling is taking good care of his health, because I certainly need him around. Thanks"
--- Charley Mishalany
"We never thought that we would have received the massive response we did when we decided to utilize this service. Currently up to date we have had close to 17 drummers contact us thru email or by phone about the position...Thank you MCS !!!!!"
--- Jim Rodriguez KAOS band
"within two weeks of subscribing to musicians contact, i received a call to audition for cirque du soleil. even though i did not land the gig, had i not joined, this opportunity would have never presented itself to me. i have since told my musician friends around the country about musicians contact and many are current subscribers. thanks, eddie"
--- eddie
"I joined MCS last Tuesday (10/30) afternoon. Within minutes of joining as a vocalist available for work I scored a gig for that same weekend which more than paid for my membership. I haven't even found that amount of work with my Musician's Union membership and I've been a member since April of this year! Also, posted an ad for musicians to work with my band, and have met a plethora of players over the last few days. Great service!!"
--- La Morena
"Dear Musicians Contact, I had just graduated from high school and not knowing what I was going to do, when I friend of mine referred me to your service. He told me that your service helped him to get into many groups, and that I should be thinking about getting into a paying band that was or will be touring on the road. When I became a member of your service, I found many ads to look and up and inquire about. I was not even on the service a week when I found a listing for a band that really interested me. So I made some contacts, and before the next week was up, I was hired. Without this service, I don't think I would be in the awesome band I am in now. Thank you! Edward Ingram, Keyboardist "
--- Edward Ingram
"The two guys we got from you are working out excellently. I recommend you to everyone, it`s great for employers."
"Thanks guys, you run a great service. I`ll continue to refer people to you - the only one worth it."
--- Tony O.
"I thank you for 8 great years of service."
--- Sabrina Lagos
"You probably like to know when something good comes out of your service. I signed a production deal with a European producer through one of your ads, recorded a dance album with him in Australia, and it is currently being played on radio in France and Tahiti. I`ll keep you updated if anything happens with it."
--- dc
"A lot of people associate your company for top 40 work, but I wanna let you know the last two original projects I got were from you, and both were dynamite - Yeah!"
--- G. Crebs
"I've gotten such good players from you on several occasions during the past 10 years."
--- Patrice Zappa
"I really do love your your service, I really mean that. I`ve been using you a long time and most of my great gigs have come from you, and I love every minute of it. "
--- Rei Willaims
"Your service has taken care of a great amount of musical calender dates that keeps me performing steadily."
--- Rick Thibodeau
"....May all the seeds that you continue to plant and nurture bring you a full and prosperous harvest. Enjoy each step of the way, and thank you for being here for us who believe, as do you, that music is as important as the air we breathe, (and probably better for us too!)."
--- Melissa Berman
"Thanks for giving us all an affordable and effective place to look for jobs. I`m no millionaire (at least not yet), but I have found solid jobs through you for the last 3 years. I`ve been to Maui for a 3 week gig, flown to Miami, done countless recordings in all styles, and had a chance to arrange for a 16 member choir. Even if certain projects fell through, I still met professional and talented musicians that I still keep in touch with."
--- Faith Rivera
"Your service got me a steady traveling job, working 48 weeks a year. I am making 9 to 5 money playing music and seeing the world. Your website is easy to use and the price is very fair. Thanks for getting me a gig that I would have otherwise never heard about."
--- Todd Cowart
"The BACKSTREET BAND has used you for years and we have found quality musicians to work with our group. Two of our front lead vocalists have been in the band for 12 years. We stand behind you all the way. Great job."
--- Larry Medina
"I was totally down on my luck when I joined MCS. I had no job or place to stay. One night I called one of the producers from the service. We got along great and I started doing demos for him. A few months later we signed a production deal. Now, a year later, we've completed an album and we've got label interest from Reprise! Thanks MCS!"
--- Nadia Fay
"I ran an add for a sax player on a Tuesday, for a gig that Saturday and found a great player by Thursday afternoon. She not only covered the gig for us, it looks like she will become a permanent member of the band. Thanks Guys! You really saved my ass ! Much Thanks Nelsen"
--- Nelsen Adelard
"I'm a pro pianst, keyboardist, composer, producer, teacher etc. I've used Musicians Contact several times over the years to find gigs and musicians. It has always been a successful action. I highly recommend it."
--- Bill Keis
"Many thanks to Musicians Contact!! This service is a MUST for any serious musician. You simply cannot lose. Within the first few days of my subscription, I received a call to do a vocal session. Just like that, my subscription was paid for. Like the Father Of Soul says, "Get it together...right on, right on!!"
--- Douglas McCowan
"Musicians Contact is a great way to hook up with pro musicians you want to meet, play the music and get paid!"
--- Gerald Miller, singer/guitarist
"As a top 40 band leader, I always find better players than I had before, so my band keeps getting better and the result is we get higher quality jobs. Keep up the good work."
--- Randy
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