Here’s the question:  Will there be more live music gigs AFTER the live music scene starts up again, compared to the amount of gigs that existed BEFORE Covid started last March?  Now that the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel finally seems to be getting a bit brighter, (assuming this light is not an oncoming train!), what will this mean for musicians getting back to work?

About half of the people I’ve spoken to believe that when Covid is finally done, the public will be so starved for live music that there will be more gigs and better wages than before Covid.  The other half predict that they will be offered the same, or less, pay than before.

This other half believes that because of the hardships suffered by clubs and restaurants over the past year, they will offer less money since many of them are nearly out of business and cannot afford to pay live entertainment as much as they did before Covid, at least for some time.  What do YOU think?

What about weddings, private parties, events, etc., that are paid by the general public, but were also affected by Covid?  Will these entities pay the same as they did before, or more, or less?  What do YOU think?

I suppose large concerts and festivals may be the least affected monetarily once they finally get back in full stride, but then again….. what do YOU think?   818-888-7879

Good or bad, more or less, let’s hope for the best!