A DAY club? Yeah, why not? For years I have thought, why couldn’t a club featuring live music be successful in the day as well as at night? Meaning, a club which already features music at night could open earlier and offer afternoon music, or an entirely new chain of clubs could be known as “Day” clubs, only open in the daytime.

Sound crazy? Maybe, but these days so many people work totally odd hours, or work from home, or not work at all! There is hardly a “rush hour” anymore – the freeways seem full almost all the time. Perhaps a bunch of these people would PREFER going to a music club in the DAY. Don’t people have more energy during the day anyway? If they had a couple hours to kill between their various activities, a nice option could be to go to a place where they can grab a meal, listen to music, dance, and meet other people, exactly like they do at night.

But to my knowledge there is no place where one can find this sort of entertainment in the day. I am speaking of clubs and restaurants in this context, not casinos or large events. Seems it would be a viable idea in most large metropolitan cities. I could imagine rotating bands with comedians, magicians, or whatever. Has it ever been tried? I’d like to know who convinced society that the majority of live music should only be heard at NIGHT. Could this happen?